Frankie & Kylie

Frankie & Kylie

Frankie and Kylie are a young family of five that love to pack up over the weekend and holidays and go on some adventures!

Frankie and Kylie from @explorexadventure are a young family of five that love to pack up over the weekend and holidays and go on some adventures! Frank is a Business Owner and Kylie a Nurse and together they have three beautiful children, Chelsea, Lyla, and Luie. They live in the quiet town of Lismore on the Far North Coast.
Frankie has not always been into the camping scene only starting to camp since meeting Kylie back in 2015. Kylie, however, has grown up camping with her family since she was a little girl. One day Kylie convinced the five-star boy that he had to give camping a crack. So, they packed up their tent, tarp, and stock standard Amorok and headed west to find one beautiful inland waterhole. Although it was not all glamorous and they did forget a lot of things it was only up from there! So, this is where their passion for all things camping and 4wdriving began and started to grow together.

It was one Fraser Island trip that they decided to start a YouTube channel of their adventures for their own memories and to show other people what the Far North Coast and surrounds had to offer for both touring and adventure seeking track driving.

This is when ExplorexAdventure was created. The name came from exploring random off the beaten track places and finding some of
the best free camping spots there is! Their channel has a lot of weekend getaways, all family friendly adventures that go as far south as Newcastle to as far north as Fraser Island with the hope that one day the stars will align, and they will finally get to the Cape!

Along with making these memories and YouTube channels came a lot of chopping and changing of cars and camping set ups. They have been through their fair share of four-wheel drives from a Jackaroo to GU Petrol Patrol, 76 Land Cruiser and their current 4by is the 79 Land Cruiser aka the Camo Cruiser. With each car came a completely different set up! Tents, swags, rooftops, campers, you name it, they have done it! Around 2020 they decided that they wanted to settle with one type of camping that would be easy to adapt with a growing family but still be able to handle the touring and 4wd tracks that they love to do. And they have found that in the 79 Land Cruiser set up. Come join our adventures and watch as we navigate family babies,
four-wheel driving, and camping!

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