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Australia is known for its high-quality products, and our trays and canopies are no exception. We take pride in producing locally made trays and canopies that are built to withstand the tough Australian conditions.

Our team of skilled tradesman use the latest technology and equipment to ensure that each tray and canopy is manufactured to the highest standards. From design to production, we ensure that every detail is carefully considered and executed.

We understand the importance of supporting Australian businesses and creating local jobs. That's why we are committed to sourcing all our materials from local suppliers and manufacturing our products here in Australia.

By choosing our Australian-made trays and canopies, you are not only supporting the local economy but also getting a product that is built to last. We back our products with our extended warranty to ensure peace of mind for our customers now & in the future.
Our trays and canopies are designed to handle the rigours of everyday use, from the harsh Australian climate to the demands of heavy-duty work.

So, whether you're a tradie looking for a reliable tray or canopy for your work vehicle or an outdoor enthusiast looking for a tough and durable canopy for your 4x4, you can trust our Australian-made products to deliver the quality and performance you need.

Port Macquarie, the birthplace of Gworks.

This vibrant coastal town has provided the perfect backdrop for Gworks to establish itself as a trusted brand along the Mid-North coast.