As I’ve mentioned in an earlier blog, Adam and I have been kicking around in automotive since we were kids. We always wanted to work with cars – but not as traditional mechanics. After a stint in shop fitting, we settled on tray and canopy fabrication.

Fabrication for us isn’t a job, it’s a real passion that’s reflected in our love of automotive and camping. Canopies and trays are perfect for the outdoors as much as they are for trades and other services that rely on their vehicles. We know from experience that a great tray or canopy when you’re out in the bush or the beach is worth its weight in gold.

We didn’t want to set up GWorks as “yet another fabricator.” We wanted to know everything there is to know about the industry and how it’s done. Being in automotive all our lives as a hobby, we knew that there’s no ute or car that’s a dead straight box. Every make and model have their own subtle curves, lines, access points – and the American trucks that we work on are often so different to what we have in Australia, we had to study them closely too.

What sets us apart – The GWorks Way

Our styling and finer details is what GWorks focuses on. Getting the basics right is a bare minimum – but the nitty-gritty is just as important – vital – for a successful job. Our trays and canopies have to be functional, sure. But they can’t just look like a big rectangle on the back of a car.

GWorks is also adamant on making canopies and trays that last – even outlasting the vehicle you originally put them on. That’s why we design them with the future in mind; a few minor mods and we can fit your tray or canopy to a new vehicle. That’s a sign of outstanding craftsmanship; and we want to rise to that high watermark.

We’re passionate and driven to ensure we develop the best products and provide our customers with the benefit of our learning and experience. It’s why we’re always up to date on Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining and fabrication. CNC is to fabrication as Microsoft Word is to desktop publishing. What you see on the screen is what you get in real life. The “printing” is done all by robotic means, so it’s essentially perfect in every way. CNC is used all the time in aerospace and telecommunications, so it was the absolute standard for us in fabricating parts and sheets for trays and canopies.

We always use the most durable aluminium, waterproof hinges, and other new bits and pieces. We learn more and more every week and how we can make things better than the last time. Every single bit of knowledge we gain, we put towards the next job.

At the end of the day, we want to raise the bar for ourselves and the industry at large. We never want to get stale. When we grow the business, we want to encourage our apprentices or employees to have the same outlook.

Local focus

The other aspect that sets us apart is we use all local support services for anything we can’t do in house. We could go somewhere else and get it cheaper, but we want to give jobs to people in the community instead of seeing the money flow out somewhere else. We also want to sponsor local clubs and community initiatives down the line – because we’re just as passionate about Port Macquarie!

Passion, innovation, and community – that’s what sets us apart, the GWorks way. Want to see how a GWorks canopy can make a difference for your vehicle? Talk to us today by using the contact form.

Market Place
April 14 ,2023