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We (Adam and Nic) have been absolute camping and 4x4 fanatics since we were kids. We’ve known each other a long time, growing up together around Port Macquarie. Both of us grew up with automotive in our blood. We were sort of like fish and not realising we were in water – with automotive being the water, of course! Adam’s dad had his own awnings manufacturing business for over

Latest Post: April 14 , 2023

What sets us apart – The GWorks Way

Our styling and finer details is what GWorks focuses on. Getting the basics right is a bare minimum – but the nitty-gritty is just as important – vital – for a successful job. Our trays and canopies have to be functional, sure. But they can’t just look like a big rectangle on the back of...

April 14 , 2023

Better Results the GWorks Way

From there, the design is sent to the nesting program where it’s sent off to be cut. Since we use CNC, we get perfect results every time – you won’t get a call telling you about a delay because of cutting! After a few days, we get the 4mm aluminium trays and 3mm extrusion layers. We press the ...

March 23 , 2023

The Beginning of GWorks

Both of us agreed that we wanted to work on cars – but we didn’t want to be mechanics. We always had an interest in fabrication and camping, so combining the two into fabricating trays and canopies was a natural fit. Then, GWorks was born.

We infuse the passion we have f...