Better Results the GWorks Way
GWorks is Port Macquarie’s premier tray and canopy fabrication company because we drive better results in our own unique and innovative way.
First off, GWorks canopies are futureproof canopies. Let’s face it – automotive is a fast-paced industry – and we’re not talking about revving down the highway at 200km/h – new and improved designs in cars, utes, 4x4s, SUVs, and everything in between are introduced every year, perhaps even faster.
Adam and I recognised this trend and made sure all our canopies would be easy to detach and install onto another vehicle when the time came. That means starting with a modular canopy design that only needs one or two minor modifications to lift off and start a new life on a new ute or 4x4.
With that in mind, we start in our office with Adam and you – we’re all co-designers in this whole process.

Design Phase
The first step is contacting us on the phone, via email, or coming by for a chat. You as the customer fill out one of our questionnaire forms to figure out what kind of canopy suits your needs and style. From there, Adam will take your preferences and commence pre-assembly, especially if your setup is for a new style of car or application. You also select your colour (usually it’s black, though!)

The pre-assembly all takes place using computer-aided design or CAD, the fastest and best way to create designs for fabrication.

Better Results the GWorks Way

From there, the design is sent to the nesting program where it’s sent off to be cut. Since we use CNC, we get perfect results every time – you won’t get a call telling you about a delay because of cutting! After a few days, we get the 4mm aluminium trays and 3mm extrusion layers. We press the sheets so they’re ready for fabrication.


Once the sheets are prepared, we weld them together using a Unistrut system placed underneath for better accessibility to mount accessories. We also incorporate fuel points so fill points are located at the head of the tray to allow for easy access to fuel and water. Any accessories you choose are then bolted on to the welded track.


We assemble the pieces, weld them to the highest possible standards, and then prepare the completed canopy and tray for sanding and the powder coating process. We don’t powder coat the canopy ourselves – we use a partner in the local area to complete the coating for us, which cuts the time down considerably. Once it comes back it’s assembled and ready to be mounted on to your vehicle. Once it’s all done, all you have to do is drive away and enjoy.


What’s Next

GWorks is all about finding better ways to make canopies and make them last in Australian conditions for as long as possible. Using our innovative Unistrut system, we can take your canopy off your old vehicle and mount into a new one with a minimum of time and effort. Our highest quality canopies can withstand almost anything – especially dust and water – so your belongings or tools are always safe.


Want to see how a GWorks canopy can make a difference for your vehicle? Talk to us today by using the contact form.

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April 14 ,2023